Other accessibility do's and don'ts

  • Avoid putting text into text boxes. Screen-readers cannot navigate into text boxes, making the content in them invisible.
  • Lowercase letters are easier to read – avoid using capitals for continuous text.
  • High contrast makes documents more legible. Make sure any colour used in your document has high colour contrast.
  • Avoid using colour alone to convey meaning - if you use colour to convey information (for example, by formatting certain items in a list in a different colour) then ensure that this is accompanied by a text alternative.
  • Strong is useful for highlighting and emphasising text – italics and underlining can make text more difficult to read.
  • Numbers from one to nine are easier to read (in normal text) if they are written as words – numbers from 10 upwards should be presented as numerals
  • Justify text to the left – this makes it easier to find the start and end of each line and ensures an even gap between words.
  • Do not hyphenate words at the end of lines.