Header and footer download

These guidelines are aimed at providing a single common visual style which can be flexibly applied to a broad range of council digital platforms. Incorporate the following header and footer in your mobile or web application.

  • Dark header and footer - recommended
  • Light header and footer

Download our header/footer files

(CSS and HTML are included in this download)

Third party options

Matching your own app’s style: Using the Dark header and footer is strongly recommended as it enables our users to more quickly identify the liverpool.gov.uk brand. If you need to adapt the header or footer to match your app design, follow these guidelines.

Logo size: You can scale the Liverpool City Council logo as needed for different devices and screen sizes, but you must preserve the aspect ratio so the logo is not stretched and doesn’t display smaller than 99 pixels wide.

Colour: To change the header and footer from dark to light, change lcc-header—dark to lcc-header—alt in the following two locations:

<header class="lcc-grid lcc-header lcc-header--alt" role="banner">

<footer class="lcc-footer lcc-footer--alt lcc-footer--alt" role="contentinfo">