Browser compatibility

We expect to display correctly and key functions work in any browser that has over 2% usage. We accept not all browsers will render the site in the exact same way and don’t expect the site to be pixel perfect in all browsers, but users must be able to access and use the critical information and features on, regardless of which browser they use.

Small screen devices (mobile and tablet) now account for over 70% of overall usage of and are considered as important as desktop when it comes to support and development of the site.  

  • Mobile - 75%
  • Desktop - 22%
  • Tablet - 3%

Figures show average number of users up to May 2022.

We categorise browsers based on their compliance with HTML5/CSS3 emerging standards and set out the level of functionality for each level as below.

Browser levels

Level 1 –  feature rich browser (up-to-date)

  • All content and functionality for the site will work
  • Presentation of content across each browser will be consistent
  • All CSS3 related design elements will be present
  • HTML5 features will work

Level 2 – unsupported web browser

  • Will be unsupported by Digital Services
  • Functionality and content may work but no guarantees are offered.
  • All browsers not categorised below will be classed level 2

Small screen browser levels (mobile, tablet)

Level 1 - Safari 12+, Chrome 96+, Edge 96+, Samsung Internet 15+, Android 96+

Desktop browser levels

Level 1 - Safari 12+, Chrome 96+, Edge 96+

Level 2 - All other browsers