How to check your document is accessible

Use the accessibility checker in Word

Always check the accessibility of a document before publishing. If you are using the corporate template and following the guidance, you shouldn't have too many issues to fix.

Microsoft Office and Office 365 has an accessibility checker which highlights the main issues with your document and instructs you on how to fix them.

The accessibility checker is available for Word, Excel and PowerPoint and the process to run it is exactly the same on all of them.

For the accessibility checker feature to work, Word documents must be saved as .docx.

With your document open, click the Review tab in the ribbon and then click Check Accessibility.

This will highlight any accessibility-related problems with your document on the right hand side, describe why you should fix them, and give you guidance on how to do so.

You can also have the accessibility checker check your work while you are writing by checking the “Keep accessibility checker running while I work” checkbox available under the checker.

Can't see the accessibility checker in the Review tab?

If you are using an older version of word, the accessibility checker may be in a different place.  With the document open, go to File > Info. Then click the Check for issues button and choose Check Accessibility.

If you are using an earlier version of word we advise you to paste your information into the accessible corporate template and reformat.

Read more about the accessibility checker on Microsoft Office.