How to export a word document to PDF

If you have followed the previous steps in this guide, then saving your document to PDF should be simple.

While your document is open select File – Info

To the right side of the screen there is a Properties heading. Look for field labelled Title . If there is no text here, click in the placeholder text and add the title of the document.

How to add document title before pdf export

You can also add Tags to your document. This is optional, but by adding Tags you will make it easier to search for your document in future and it is good practise for documents which will appear online. Tags can be any word or phrase related to the file, such as project name. You should separate tags by semicolons.

Next save a version of the document as a word document (docx file).

Then save the document as a PDF. File – Save as – pick PDF (*pdf) and click Save.

How to save word as pdf