How to make video accessible

Guidance for creating accessible video content

All pre-recorded audio and video published on any government website since 23rd September 2020 must be accessible. We are breaking the law if it is not.

Live audio and video are currently exempt; however, steps should be taken to ensure this content can be provided in a more accessible format if requested.

If you are the creator of a video or responsible for commissioning a video from a third party, you must make sure your video meets accessibility requirements.

Why it’s important

Everyone benefits from content which is easy to access. It’s essential for people with sight, hearing, mobility or print disabilities. A user may also choose to access video or audio content in a different way (e.g. with captions) when in a noisy environment or whilst in a very public place, so our content should be available for people to access in a variety of ways.

Follow the 'how to' links on the left to make sure your video content accessible.