Design standards

Any third party application which is not embedded within is expected to meet our style guidelines in order to keep a consistent experience for the end user.

We provide a set design standards to set a level of simplicity and consistency across all Liverpool City Council digital services, while providing some plug-and-play design and code.

Single common visual style

These standards are aimed at providing a single common visual style which can be flexibly applied to a broad range of council digital platforms. It offers a clean, modern aesthetic that meets high standards of visual accessibility while promoting a sense of credibility, trust, and warmth in the design.

The colour palette and typography were selected to provide both consistency and flexibility. When used alongside softer colours, different font pairings from the set will communicate a classic and traditional aesthetic. The typography meets a range of layout needs; from polished marketing pages to content-heavy digital services.

Download the standards

The UI components are built on a solid HTML foundation, progressively enhanced to provide core experiences across browsers. All users get critical information and experiences. New browsers get the prettiest experiences, while older browsers get less pretty, but usable ones.