Live video

Live audio and video are currently exempt, however where possible we should be promoting and using live captioning on video conferencing software. Some video conferencing software relies on third party caption providers to create the captions, whilst others limit automatic captioning without an upgrade.

Microsoft Teams captions

Microsoft Teams offers live captioning. Full guidance can be found on the Microsoft Teams live captions in a live event page. Please be aware that to enable captions you need to have the desktop version of Teams.

Vimeo captioning for live events

Premium and Enterprise members can enable closed captions for their live events during the setup process ahead of streaming a live video. A Premium membership includes 2 hours of automatic captioning per year. Enterprise members are granted 30 hours of captioning time.

Zoom closed captioning and live transcription

This can be switched on by the meeting host or by a single user for their own use (if it hasn’t been locked down at a group or account level).

Closed captioning and live transcription.