Adding a transcript to your video

A transcript is a written explanation of video content. It details the visuals of the video, including spoken dialogue and any sound which adds context to the video.

A transcript is recommended for all video content because it's another way to access the information.

  • Useful in scenarios where video won't load, or if the user has limited data for watching media
  • A quicker/more immediate way to see the content: scan it for interest and relevance.
  • A person using a screen reader may prefer the transcript because it may be quicker for them to listen to this than to listen to the actual audio content.
  • Its content can be keyword-searched and is better indexed by search engines.

Creating a video transcript

If you've captioned/subtitled your video using YouTube or similar software, you may be able to download the .srt file of the text. Use this as the basis for your transcript, and include:

  • Dialogue (including identifying the speaker)
  • Sound effects required to understand the video
  • Explanation of key visuals