Video and audio (pre-recorded)

For: Content, Design

Live audio and video are currently exempt; however, steps should be taken to ensure this content can be provided in a more accessible format if requested.

Audio-only and video-only (1.2.1 level A)

All pre-recorded audio and video published on any government website since 23rd September 2020 must be accessible and must have the following alternative content:

  • an audio description
  • closed captions
  • a transcript

Check the following:

  • For pre-recorded audio (without video), is there a descriptive transcript that includes dialogue and all other meaningful sound?
  • For pre-recorded video (without audio), is there a text alternative (transcript) or/and audio description that includes closed captions and provides the same information visible in the video.
  • Is the interface accessible for keyboard and screen reader users (including play/pause buttons and location slider)?
  • Check video and audio do not automatically play

Captions (1.2.2 level A)

  • Audio content must have captions.

Audio description or media alternative (1.2.3 level A)

  • Audio must have a descriptive transcript or an audio description.

Audio description (1.2.5 level AA)

  • Videos should include "radio style" narration so that content makes sense if someone is consuming just the audio track. Include any text elements in the narration.

Audio control (1.4.2 level A)

  • Do not have audio that plays automatically on the page. When providing audio, also provide an easy way to disable the audio and adjust the volume.

If pre-recorded video or audio fails any of the above checks and it is not in our power to fix, we must ask the service provider to make the relevant changes before we can publish online.

Further details on how to make video accessible.