Make sure navigation and labels are consistent

For: Design, Development

Consistent Navigation (3.2.3 level AA)

  • When a navigation menu is presented on multiple pages, the links should appear in the same order on each page. Check each template used across a site or application.
  • Check that the links or buttons are presented in the same order each time they appear, even if other items are removed or added between them.

Consistent Identification (3.2.4 level AA)

  • When components have the same functionality across several web pages, the components should be labelled consistently on each page.
  • For example, if an address look up button on the bins and recycling page is labelled as ‘Find Address,’ but an address look up button on a school page is labelled ‘Search for address,’ then this would not be consistent.
  • Equally if the request a bin form asks for first name and the request free school meals form asks for forename and both forms reside on the same website, this again would not be consistent.
  • Please check all forms, icons and other elements use labels consistently.